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YAHOO! Welcome to the Fun Factor World Headquarters.

I am Carol Parven Hutter! I have worn many hats: family camp director, educator, clown.

Now, as the executive producer of FUN! I have realized my vision of a company dedicated to providing interactive entertainment. The Fun Factor is a unique player in the world of corporate event entertainment. Our most essential asset is an enthusiastic, creative, and energetic staff focused on facilitating events that are unique and memorable experiences. We do this by working closely with our clients in order to encourage, enhance, and implement individualized programs.



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The 1200 kids and their parents had so much fun, I didn’t think they would ever go home.
— Beverly Wallace, Events Coordinator, ASTRA USA
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“We love ‘Toddler Town’! It’s where parents and little ones can play with dress-up costumes, musical instruments, skill toys, and lots of other fun games!”
— Janet Anderson Staff Supervisor Fun Factor, Inc.

Corporate Summer Outings are the perfect way to thank employees for their hard work. The Fun Factor creates successful events which involve and entertain guests of all ages! No one knows family fun better than The Fun Factor. We offer mid-meal activities for youngsters who eat quickly or not at all, keeping the children entertained while adults savor a chance to relax, enjoy their meal, and network.

Let The Fun Factor help provide great memories for your deserving staff and their families!

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Our goal is to dissolve the corporate cubicle. To build morale and to create a memorable day with fun & purpose. We help co-workers get to know each other better, network, and see each other in a new light. For our team challenge, everyone is pre-assigned to a team. Participation is optional, no pressure; some events are physical, some cognitive. Race for your team or root them on! A planning committee chooses co-captains. It is encouraged that these leaders be selected from all levels of staff, allowing everyone the opportunity to display leadership skills. We have learned of more than one team captain who has received a promotion. Team captains meet with us one week prior to the event: we distribute team lists, teach games, and give the team leaders a preview of the day's activities. The next time we meet is the day of the event where all compete for their "Ultimate Funster" Ribbon.


What a blast! In the middle of all that craziness (bagels flying through the air, people falling all over the place in coffee sacs, etc.), you guys kept things organized, you kept things moving, and you really made sure we had fun.
— Judy Wnek, Bakery Category Manager, DUNKIN' DONUTS
The Fun Factor is terrific! Their programs are innovative and fun!
— Human Resources DELOITTE & TOUCHE
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Thank you for the great job you guys did for our Holiday Children’s party. It was a hit!
— Michele Basile, Events Coordinator, ASTRA USA

Everyday is a holiday with The Fun Factor! We specialize in corporate holiday theme parties, whatever the season. Celebrate a cultural festivity such as Kwaanza or Chinese New Year. Scare 'em with a Halloween Party, complete with Haunted House. Warm up winter with a corporate holiday theme party!

Fun Factor Nutcrackers, Elves, Winter Royalty and more welcome all guests and entertain at your events. Jolly Saint Nick in his rocking chair can be available for photos with guests, pass out treats, or simply hear holiday wishes! Guests can exhibit their creativity building Cookie Castles with graham cracker walls, icing cement, and delectable edible accents.

The staff was incredible! All 2,500 employees who attended our barbeque were amazed by both the number and quality of activities.
— Catherine Lee, Senior HR manager, Sun Microsystems, Inc.
Your careful research into the 17th and 18th centuries resulted in some wonderful games and crafts which the guests truly enjoyed.
— Carolyn Vandam, Events Coordinator, Best of Boston, Ltd.